Here at Bloom Studio, we are a humble, small team of florists from Korea with big hearts. Fuelled by the desire and passion to make someone’s day, we will always go out of the way to make our customers happy.
Over the years, the flower industry has blossomed, and everyone is now appreciating and seeking better quality of flower arrangements with innovative designs, and Bloom Studio offers just that! We provide modern day chic designs at affordable price points without compromising on quality.
We believe that sometimes it doesn’t take much to warm the hearts of people, flowers are fuss-free and does the trick easily! 



We’re committed to using only the finest quality flowers to create our everlasting arrangements. Each individual flower has been carefully handpicked by our florists to ensure that all of our flowers are of top notch quality, coupled with innovative designs.


We believe that honesty is that best policy and that trust has to be earned. 

We work hard to ensure that our products delivered look as closely as possible to the ones displayed on our site. We will never compromise our brand to make a quick buck.

Bloom Studio strives on making an effort to minimise floriculture carbon footprint, by offering preserved flowers as an alternative to fresh ones. Put simply, fresh flowers requires refrigeration to keep it fresh and alive in transit, burning more fuel, and this emits more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Most of us also tend to discard our blooms once they start to wither in a matter of days or weeks, which is wasteful. 
We all know this contributes greatly to climate change, and we want to do good by the environment by starting small. After all, every small change can lead to a great impact.
By sourcing ethically from farms in Japan that meet labour and environmental standards, we are committed to reducing our carbon impact. Our bouquets are also wrapped in environmentally friendly packaging like butcher’s paper. 
What about preservation of flowers, you may ask? This process is also eco-friendly, with the use of non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, and non-chemical reactive. The solutions and colorants are the same as those used in the food we consume and thus, minimise the risks posed to our environment. 
With preserved flowers, they are more economical because they require low maintenance without the need for plant care products, and need not be replaced from time to time (they last longer!), making them extremely value for money. What’s more, they are also practical for everyone to keep in their homes and offices, who loves flowers but have little time for its upkeep!
Rest assured, Bloom Studio’s preserved flowers consumes lesser energy, whether being transported or being stored. We respect that some people might have preference for fresh blooms instead, but we urge you on making the difference today, economically and environmentally. 
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